Sunday, February 18, 2018


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Continuing those blog entries the role of foreign interventionists and proxies in the Syrian Civil War much more pronounced. Iranian drone as intruding into Israeli airspace described as a knock-off of an American RQ-170. Once more thanks to DEBKAfile.

"The Iranian Saegheh drone in Syria - a worry for US as well as Israel"

11 February.

"Iran's Saegheh, which infiltrated Israeli air space on Feb. 10, is no ordinary UAV; it is the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' prize armed drone for assault and intelligence gathering. It was also discovered to have been part of a fleet of advanced armed Saegheh UAVs housed at the T-4 base. The second wave of Israeli air strikes against 12 Syrian and Iranian targets decimated this fleet. Most importantly, the drone intrusion and its sequel exposed the intrusion to have been part of an Iranian plot against Israel in coordination with the Russian air force Syria, which shares the T-4, and with the Russian-controlled Syrian air defense systems."

Russian air force [VVS] and the Iranian drone operators sharing the same facility? An Israeli attack on Iranian drones [as was now and in the future] also imperils Russian military personnel?


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