Saturday, January 14, 2017

SSN Pakistan.

This is coolbert:

Thanks to Freeper and the original article by Vishnu Som.

Further on the Chinese nuclear submarine as spotted at Karachi harbor. String of Pearls but much more than that!

"Pakistan Likely To Acquire Chinese Nuclear Attack Submarines: NDTV Exclusive"

"NEW DELHI: A Chinese Navy nuclear-powered attack submarine which docked at the Karachi harbour in May took aboard Pakistani naval officers and sailors to give them a first-hand glimpse of how the submarine works. This was not a simple case of access being given to a close military ally. The Indian Navy is convinced that it is a matter of time before Islamabad leases a Chinese nuclear submarine. The Pakistan Navy personnel who were on the submarine may be part of their first team to train on Chinese nuclear submarines, it is believed."

NOW we know the rest of the story? Time will tell!


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