Monday, January 9, 2017

Jabar Citadel.

This is coolbert:

More defeat for the combatants of the Islamic State! So a reported.

"U.S.-backed force [SDF] seizes Syria citadel from Islamic State"

"U.S.-backed militias in Syria have captured an ancient citadel from Islamic State (IS) in a strategically significant advance against the jihadist group in its stronghold of Raqqa province, a spokesman said on Friday."

"The Jabar citadel on the banks of Lake Assad was taken by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance on Thursday, militia spokesman Talal Silo said. It is located near a dam on the Euphrates River that the U.S.-backed alliance also aims to capture in the current phase of its campaign." The Jabar Citadel sits on top of a hill [tell] now underwater!

As in ancient times those citadels of great strategic value both from the military and political standpoint. Make for formidable defenses, able to withstand siege EVEN FOR YEARS!

Below another image of interest. The citadel at Palmyra.

"Qala at ibn Maan Citadel Castle" vicinity Palmyra in the background to the right. Never seen this image of the citadel and ancient ruins [now destroyed] of Palmyra juxtaposed in such a manner. Image courtesy as attributed.

See that alliance and coalition of forces as comprises the Syrian Democratic Forces. With strong American air power [?] in support here is an instance of a coalition fighting well. Mission accomplished. Keep up the good work.


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