Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Józef Bem

This is coolbert:

Add the name of this man to the list of those senior combat commanders in the habit of leading from the front, wounded repeatedly and yet returning to the fray, their zeal during battle not diminished one bit!!

Józef Bem!

Thanks to the Internet web site War is Boring in all cases.

"The Polish War Hero Who Quelled an Aleppo Uprising"

"Józef Bem fought for Polish and Hungarian independence before converting to Islam and joining the Ottoman Empire"

While in combat command of Ottoman troops Bem demonstrating his mettle:

“General Bem had been wounded in seven or eight places and was under the care of special surgeons and doctors … Because his wounds had still not healed, he was cautioned to add yet another wound would cause a loss of blood which could cause him to lose his life, and he was advised to delay his circumcision until his wounds completely healed. Because he was adamant, having no other choice, the army surgeon was summoned and he was circumcised.”

Nice shot of Aleppo as it used to be. This particular image not dated. The citadel in the far background today an intense focus of battle between those combatants loyal to the despot Assad and those rebels opposed to Bashar and his minions. Control of the citadel seen as a vital symbol as to who exactly controls Aleppo. Click on image for a larger view. As it has been in ancient times so it is still now!! This image also courtesy of War is Boring.

Bem wounded "in seven or eight places" during one [?] engagement and while in hospital [and against the advice of the doctors at the scene] having himself circumcised as part of his conversion process.

Bem brave to the point of foolishness? Reckless and care-free with his life? You the devoted reader to the blog decide for yourself.


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