Saturday, January 14, 2017


This is coolbert:

From the article by Ruthie Blum and thanks to the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom we have the perspective of the Israel female on the latest Hamas caper as was reported in a previous post.

"The cyber bikini intifada"

"Along with bloodlust and brawn, Hamas proved this week that it also has brains, at least where its enemies' weaknesses are concerned. But even though the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip has grown quite proficient at using the Internet to incite violence against Jews, it clearly is still no match for Israel in the realm of cyberspace."

"Unbeknownst to the Israeli public until Tuesday . . . the Islamist goons had been engaged in a clever sting operation to obtain classified information from the Israeli military."

"Posing as beautiful girls on social media, with enticing photos and hip Hebrew lingo, Hamas cyber operatives succeeded in seducing boys in uniform."

Read it all!! And thank you Ruthie.


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