Wednesday, January 4, 2017


This is coolbert:

From the article by Omer Farooq and the Times of India that aspect of circumcision and the military dimension thereof a subject for discussion.

"Circumcision no longer acid test to identify Indian spies"

"ISLAMABAD: In the past, jubilant Pakistani authorities have announced that foreign (read Indian) agents were involved in explosions and attacks in the restive Swat region based on examination of the corpses of the killed attackers."

Forensics as carried out on the dead bodies of suspected terrorists now standard-procedure throughout the world.

Within the context of the on-going low-intensity conflict as exists between Pakistan and India, a vital aspect of the forensic process the body examined for circumcision. The suspected terrorist if circumcised reasonably thought to be a MUSLIM. If not circumcised the terrorist reasonably thought to be a HINDU!

This criteria and "standard model" NO longer seen as valid!! You have to read the entire article!

Came across this image quite by accident: "Hindus were also targeted by the Pakistani forces and as such soldiers would routinely check whether men were circumcised to determine whether they were Muslim or not. At checkpoints where soldiers would force the men to prove whether they were circumcised, soldiers would then rape the men too." Here a Pakistani soldier making the East Pakistan national [called Bangladesh now] pull open his sarong to examine for the circumcision. That person if circumcised a Muslim and OK. If not circumcised a Hindu and not OK.

The Mumbai terrorists of 2008 too their bodies examined for signs of circumcision. Again, Hindu do not circumcise. Evidence of circumcision points to the Muslim attacker. This sort of stuff works both ways.



Anonymous said...

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masud1205 said...

Please check the Photos of Kishor Parekh, It was an Indian soldier.