Monday, January 2, 2017


This is coolbert:

Some details regarding the Losharik Russian submersible as will be slung and nested underneath that Russian BS-64.

Losharik! "NATO reporting name for this submarine is NORSUB-5"

Carried to the scene of the action by the much larger mother-ship [BS-64] and then deployed. Capable of operations at great depth. Titanium-hulled and nuclear powered.

NOT a combat vessel. As is generally assumed Losharik: "a combination of oceanographic research, search and rescue, and underwater intelligence-gathering." Lights, claws, divers, remotely operated underwater vehicles, etc. Click on image to see an enlarged view.

"Losharik . . . is the nickname of a Russian submarine . . . The real name is AS-12 (Russian: АС-12, where 'АС' stands for 'Атомная Станция' . . . ('nuclear deep water station') of Project 10831. It is powered by a nuclear reactor and is believed to be able to operate at a depth of many 1000's metres due to the unique spherical construction elements. The exact operational depth is unknown but it is known that this submarine operated at about 2000–2500 m depth in the Arctic in 2012."

I am impressed!!


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