Tuesday, January 24, 2017


This is coolbert:

As reported from Sharkhunters. Thanks to Harry!

"From WIZARD. . . Vietnam is receiving her 6th and last submarine from Russia.This KILO Class boat was received in Cam Ranh 20 January; named BA RIA-VUNG TAO arrived as deck cargo aboard the Dutch ship ROLLDOCK STORM as the last of the six KILO's contracted for in  $2 Billion contract between Vietnam and Russia."

Kilo an advanced diesel/electric boat of sophisticated design and able to employ weapons of also the most sophisticated design.

In the case of Vietnam possessing an advanced and formidable submarine force think South China Sea and the Paracel Islands.

That area of the world [South China Sea] very target-rich from the perspective of the American military planner and EVEN MORE SO NOW!


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