Friday, January 27, 2017

Deception II.

This is coolbert:


"when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

As it is written so was it also done!! Kadesh 1283 B.C. From that account as attributed to the scribe Pentwere!

"So in ambush there they lay,
Northwest of Kadesh town;
And while these were in their lair,
Others went forth south of Kadesh,
on our midst, their charge was thrown
With such weight, our men went down,
For they took us unaware,
And the legion of Pra-Hormakhu gave way."

"They" = Hittites Also in all instances Khatti or Kheta = Hittite, Muwatalli = King of the Hittite.

The Hittite prior to Kadesh having dispatched spies [scouts] whose main purpose was to deceive the Egyptian. FALSE INFORMATION AND DECEPTION AS PRESENTED AND ACCEPTED BY EGYPTIAN AS TRUE!!

Once more from the Internet web site War On The Rocks and the article: "(W)ARCHIVES: BEATING THE SPIES"  by Mark Stout.

"As he [Ramesses] approached Kadesh two alleged defectors from the Hittite ranks came to him [Ramesses]  and offered their allegiance. They said that Muwatalli’s army was far away. What the Egyptians did not yet know was that these were agents of Muwatalli sent to convey disinformation and lull the Egyptians into complacency. Believing there were no threats nearby, Ramesses’ force continued to move northward without taking any particular security precautions."

"Then came two Shosu of the tribes of Shosu to say to his majesty: 'Our brothers who are chiefs of tribes with the Foe from Khatti [Hittite] have sent us to his majesty to say that we will be servants of Pharaoh and will abandon the Chief of Khatti.' His majesty said to them: 'Where are they, your brothers who sent you to tell this matter to his majesty?' They said to his majesty 'They are where the vile Chief of Khatti is; for the Foe from Khatti is in the land of Khaleb to the north of Tunip. He [Muwatalli] was too fearful of Pharaoh to come southward when he heard that Pharaoh had come northward.'"

"The two brothers [spies] beaten by Egyptian Officers" 

Spies a variation of the "doomed spy" as would recognized by Sun Tzu. The Egyptian acting on false information and not taking proper security measures walking into a Hittite ambush at Kadesh. Consequences for Ramesses II and his Egyptian army nearly totally 100 % disastrous.


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