Friday, January 6, 2017

Euphrates Shield.

This is coolbert:

At least since 9/11 has there not been SUCH AN INTELLIGENCE FAILURE?

American intelligence in the dark it seems regard the Turkish coup attempt and the most recent Turkish military incursion into Syria?

"Turkey's Ground Offensive in Syria Caught Washington 'Off Guard'"

"Turkish leadership said that the ground offensive in northern Syria was carried out in coordination with the US-led anti-Daesh coalition but Ankara appears to have launched the military campaign, dubbed Operation Euphrates Shield, without giving Washington a heads up."

1. American intelligence had NO forewarning of the coup and the alleged involvement of Gulen?

Gulen even controversial prior to the coup, residing in the United States and yet the man and his associates were not watched?

2. Turkish troops in numbers crossing the border into Syria too a big RED FLAG I might assume.

American assets in the area already as numerous as they are not tasked with watching the forces of another NATO nation? Assumptions made with regard to Turkish intentions in the area erroneous for whatever reason. The dynamics of the situation was too much for American intelligence?

By now it should be understood further intelligence failure after 9/11 is not an option.

P.S.: This entry originally from an earlier date but posted again today due to a slip up on my part. Please forgive me everyone.


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