Thursday, January 5, 2017


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Here with a listing [an index] of those Italian combat units their performance during both World Wars exemplary,  courage and bravery on the battlefield leaving little to be desired:

1. Arditi. Italian dagger men. Stormtroopers of the Great War.

2. Italian Motor-torpedo-boats [MTB]. During both World Wars.

3. Italian Republican “Monterosa”  and "San Marco" divisions. Fascist hard-core Alpini troops fighting successfully alongside German mountain units.

4. Folgore division. Italian paratroopers comporting themselves with great distinction even in defeat.

5. Savoia battalions. Italian troops fighting with elan in East Africa.

6. Italian SS brigades. Again hard-core fascist personnel on the side of the Nazi at Anzio. Results as described by the German "surprisingly good!"

7. Decima Mas.Italian naval commando unit. Frogmen. Before there was SEAL's there was Decima Mas!

Indeed, the naval commando of Decima Mas the model upon which American SEAL's, British SBS and the Soviet OB PDSS are based. The Italian frogman their under-water exploits greatly admired by one and all!!

We must not and cannot sell the Italians short!!


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This guy:

and his peers in the Italian AF were as good as anyone in WW2.