Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tu-95MS Bear.

This is coolbert:

Also yet one more flash message from MARCONI through Harry:

"TU 95 crash . . . Russia has suspended Tu-95 Bear flights after a tragic accident at Ukrainka on the 8th June, 2015.  One person is dead and as many as five more injured after a military plane crashed in the Russian Far East.  The Tu-95MS strategic bomber had been taking off when it skidded off the runway at the Ukrainka airfield, in the Amur region, at 11pm on Monday.  Eyewitnesses said the aircraft was completely destroyed, with officials saying the accident was caused by a fire in one of the engines. Only the tail section has been left intact.  According to the press service of the Defence Ministry several crew members were injured and taken to hospital. Sources say three people are being treated in Belogorsk, with the crew commander suffering severe burns covering 75 per cent of his body."

Regarding this version of the Tu-95: [many variant exist]

 "Tu-95MS/Tu-95MS6/Tu-95MS16 . . . This variant became the launch platform of the Raduga Kh-55 cruise missile and put into serial production in 1981. Known to NATO as the Bear H"

 * "Russian Air Force: 63 Tu-95MS strategic bombers. As of 2012, 55 of them are combat-ready."

Bear H a stand-off missile firing warplane!!


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