Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dowsing Rod.

This is coolbert:

Dowsing rods that military dimension.

From that previous blog entry and as was written about in a 1967 edition of the Telegraph:

"Marines Using Coat-Hanger Dowsers To Detect Cong's Tunnels and Traps"

"Camp Pendleton, Calif - - Coat-hanger dowsers, or diving rods, are being used by Marine Corps engineers here and in Vietnam to detect, tunnels, mines and booby traps."

"The traditional willow-wand dowser, . . . has been replaced in combat use by ordinary wire coat hangers or welding rods of steel, brass or other metal."

The caption for this image says: "Dowsing with the Fourth Army, Vietnam."

"Some Marines here, including returned Veterans, say they have had excellent results with the improvised detecting device."

The famous magician and professional skeptic Amazing Randi has debunked the entire aspect of the dowsing rod. His scientifically designed test to determine if a dowsing rod could locate a cavity underground or the flow of water seemed to be pretty convincing. IT DOES NOT WORK!

OR DOES IT? ISIL beware!!


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