Monday, June 22, 2015

Fifty Peso.

This is coolbert

Thanks to the tip from Peter through Harry:

"Argentina has just released their new 50 Peso note with a map of the Malvinas on it to remind citizens that these islands belong to Argentina"

And is a story as carried by the Daily Mail much to the outrage of some Englishmen:

 "Argentina unveils new bank note which has a picture of the Falklands on one side – and anti-British propaganda on the other"

    * "Map of disputed islands will appear on one side of the 50 peso note"
    * "Back is Argentine folk hero who led 19th century uprising against British"
    * "Aim is to give 'unwavering claim' over Falklands a daily use"

Here it is. Fifty peso for Sister Sarah and as a constant reminder to all Argentinean too.

We have heard of controversial stamps and maps as a declaration of sovereignty and also television weather broadcast insets. NOW we have currency demonstrative of will and resolve and also "as a declaration of sovereignty".

See previous blog entries regarding Argentina and the renewed sense of hostility in the South Atlantic.


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