Sunday, June 28, 2015


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Thanks to DEBKAfile everything about the Druze you wanted to know:

1. "Syrian Druze gain non-belligerence commitment from rebels under joint US-Jordanian guarantee"

20 June.

 "Jabal Druze and southern Syrian Druze leaders have reached a mutual non-belligerence understanding with the Syrian rebel militias fighting in the region, including Al Qaeda's arm, the Nusra Front . . . Jordan opened a corridor for military assistance and supplies to Druze mountain villages. The southern Druze promised not to allow the eight Druze militias loyal to Bashar Assad to operate from their territory."

Apparently there ARE Druze militia beholden to the despot Assad and fighting on the side of the ruler in Damascus.

2. "Golan Druze lynch two injured Syrian rebels carried in IDF ambulances to hospital"

22 June.

"In the first attack from the Druze Galilee village of Hurfesh, a mob pelted rocks at the ambulance carrying two Syrian rebels from the Golan border to hospital. In the second, in the Druze Golan village of Majd El Shamis, a mob attacked two injured Syrian rebel troops in an ambulance. One died later in hospital."

3. "Netanyahu appeals to Druze leaders to restore calm"

23 June.

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu early Tuesday denounced as 'extremely grave' Druze mob attacks Monday on two IDF ambulances transporting injured Syrian rebel fighters to hospital. He warned that no one would be allowed to take the law into his own hands or interfere with the IDF's duties. The perpetrators would be brought to justice, he said, and called on Druze leaders to act expeditiously to calm tempers." 

4. "Police arrests Druze lynch suspects in Galilee and Golan"

24 June.

"Police arrest 10 suspects in the attacks on two IDF ambulances carrying injured Syrian rebel fighters from the Golan border to hospital. Jordan has quietly informed Druze leaders in Syria and Lebanon that [Jordan] cannot admit any more refugees from Syria."

Those "Five S" of POW control to include: 1. Search. 2. Silence. 3. Segregate. 4. Speed. 5. Safeguard. Get the enemy POW to the rear as quick as possible and do not let the locals to abuse them.


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