Wednesday, June 17, 2015

English Civil War.

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As was the question asked from a standardized test as taken during my secondary education days fifty years ago!

Which of these civil wars was the LEAST bloodiest?

A. Russian Civil War.
B. American Civil War.
C. Spanish Civil War.
D. English Civil War.

The correct answer of course is D. English Civil War.

The English Civil War a conflict - - the King and "rule by divine right" or the Parliament and "the rule of law". Such is the perception.

From the May 2015 issue of the BBC "History" magazine.

"Myths of the Civil War"

1. "War broke out by accident."

2. "Cavaliers were aristocrats Roundheads were yeoman."

3. "The 1641 massacres in Ireland were a one-sided affair."

4. "Large numbers of people were unaffected."

5. "It was a restrained and gentlemanly conflict."

6. "Cromwell won the war for parliament."

7. "Only British people fought."

8. "For parliamentarians, it was a war of religion."

9. "Wales was against the king."

10. "Parliament wanted union with Scotland."

These "myths" all deemed by modern historians as NO!

Oliver Cromwell functioning almost in the manner of a generalissimo as I understand the meaning of that word. A man exercising at the same time political power and also as a military commander. A talented and intuitive military amateur able to outfox and defeat on the battlefield those professional soldiers as might have been in opposition to him. A fighting senior military officer, a cavalry officer whose reputation, combat prowess and courage unchallenged.


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