Monday, June 15, 2015

India & Burma.

This is coolbert:

More regarding the recent incursion of Indian troops into Burma [Myanmar]. Cross-border military operations.

Retaliation for the attack and killing of Indian security personnel as described in a prior blog entry.


Indeed, accords and protocol having been agreed upon in advance by the various authorities in India and Burma [Myanmar].

From several sources:

"In Myanmar, the Indian Army has staged large scale cross-border operations in 1999 and 2006"

"under a 2010 agreement, Indian security forces are allowed to enter Myanmar while chasing insurgents, the Myanmarese government and its army were informed about the possible operation without specifying time and date."

This particular incident, the Manipur massacre, seems to have been perpetrated by Assamese Nagaland insurgents, THE NAGA UNTIL RELATIVELY RECENTLY HEADHUNTERS!


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