Monday, June 22, 2015


This is coolbert:

Yet more from Ynet. Another religious minority group imperiled by the fighting in Syria.

The Druze. As it has been for the Assyrian Christians and the Yazidi now it is for the Druze.

"Nusra Front fighters kill 20 Druze in Syrian village"

"During confrontation with Druze villagers, jihadists from al-Qaeda's Syrian offshoot kill elderly people and at least one child, according to monitor group."

 "BEIRUT - Members of the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front Sunni militant group have killed 20 Druze villagers in northwestern Syria, a group monitoring the war reported on Thursday."

"The Druze faith is an offshoot of Islam viewed as heretical by the puritanical school of Sunni Islam espoused by al-Qaeda."

NOT much known about the Druze. Often described as a religion that is enigmatic and esoteric.

Incorporating the beliefs, doctrines and ritual of a whole host of other religions. But then again, enigmatic. Seen as nominally Muslim but not Sunni!!

Al Nusra Front indeed an "off-shoot" of Al Qaeda AND CURRENTLY AFFILIATED WITH THE ARMY OF CONQUEST.

The Israeli having a long-standing, special and amicable relationship with the Druze. ISRAEL WILL NOT STAND BY AND ALLOW THE DRUZE TO BE MASSACRED?


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