Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kurds & Druze.

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From Strategy Page an article and extract, clarification of some previous topics:

A. The Kurds move south in pursuit of ISIL and the ramifications thereof.

B. That Israeli/Druze relationship.

"Syria: The Devilishly Clever Kurds March South"

Further as extracted from the Strategy Page:

"Israel has sent more troops to their Syrian border. Al Nusra rebels control most of the border adjacent to Israel. This creates problems with the Israeli Druze who fear for the safely of the 500,000 Syrian Druze. Al Qaeda affiliate al Nusra is temporarily allied with ISIL and both these groups, especially ISIL, are very hostile to Druze . . . Over a hundred Druze have already been murdered by Islamic terrorists in Syria and there is a sense of desperation. Al Nusra apologized for the twenty Druze their men killed recently but ISIL is unapologetic. The 130,000 Israeli Druze have been pressuring Israel for over a year to rescue or help protect Druze living across the border in Syria. Israel has agreed to help but the details have not been made public. The solution could be either allowing Syrian Druze into Israel and provide refuge or moving into the border areas where the Syrian Druze live and establishing a 'safe zone.' This would preserve the lands of Syrian Druze and not turn them into refugees, but would also be more expensive (in cash and lives) for Israel by establishing a new border."

"Israel (from senior leaders down to the average soldier) is willing to do something for the Syrian Druze because the Israeli Druze are the only Arab Israeli s subject to conscription and most of those serving in the Israeli military agree that Israel should help the Syrian Druze living near the Israeli border. Despite their small numbers (less than two percent of the population) Druze serve as career military and in elite combat units more frequently than Jewish Israelis. Thus the Druze are considered 'blood brothers' because of their military service (and casualties in combat) and that means Israel feels obliged to help."

That special affinity and relationship between the Israeli Jew and the Druze does exist and is being honored. Obligation being kept.


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