Monday, June 8, 2015


This is coolbert:

Drones over Lebanon. Qualamoun to be exact.

As described in a previous blog entry, American and Iranian made drones now active at the same time in the same air space.

Little spies in the sky doing yeoman duty.

1. Aerosonde Mark 4.7 and G.

"The Mark 4.7 carries interchangable daytime color and night time FLIR video cameras and a laser pointer."

A pointer [laser] that can be used for terminal guidance of precision munitions of the Paveway variety?

A Mark 4.7. NO landing gear. Takes off from a catapult and captured on return in a net. Sense of scale is not so apparent but that appears to be a Predator in the background.

2. Iranian media identifies Ababil-3 UAV.

The Iranian Ababil-3. About the same size as the Mark 4.7.

American and Iranian drones in the same skies at the same time watching presumably the same targets this NOT BEING WITHOUT PRECEDENT.

And expect UAV from other nations and warring parties to be active at the same time in the same areas watching the same targets. That also! Even to be expected!


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