Sunday, September 1, 2013

Von Schweppenburg.

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From that previous blog entry:

"Strafing attacks by allied tactical aviation in Normandy most deadly in that regard at a most crucial moment, a significant number of senior German combat commanders killed and wounded!"

Count among those most senior German operational combat commanders on the ground in Normandy killed or wounded immediately in the aftermath of D-Day General von Schweppenburg.

"Leo Dietrich Franz Freiherr Geyr von Schweppenburg  . . . was a German cavalry officer in World War I and a general during World War II. He was particularly noted for his expertise in armoured warfare and his command of Panzer Group West during the Invasion of Normandy."

Von Schweppenburg and his staff at that most crucial moment his headquarters attacked and obliterated by ground attack warplanes of the RAF, PANZER ATTACK DIRECTED AGAINST THE VULNERABLE BRITISH BEACHHEAD DELAYED AND SUBSEQUENTLY CANCELLED!!

"The Allied invasion of Normandy took place on June 6, 1944. By June 8 . . . [von Schweppenburg]had been able to rush three panzer divisions northward to defend Caen against British and Canadian forces advancing on that city from their beachheads . . . [von Schweppenburg] planned to launch these divisions in a full-scale counterattack that would drive the British and Canadians back into the sea. On 10 June 1944 . . . [von Schweppenburg] was wounded when Royal Air Force aircraft attacked his newly established headquarters at La Caine in Normandy . . . [von Schweppenburg] was wounded and many of his staff officers were killed, forcing the cancellation of the counterattack."

Panzer Group West that assemblage of all panzer units in France. The release of which could be only authorized by Hitler himself. Panzer to best be thought of as NOT ONLY armor [tanks] but also heavy infantry, the Panzer Grenadiers.

That such a senior and talented and experienced officer as von Schweppenburg and most of his staff made hors de combat at such a critical moment A MAJOR SETBACK FOR THE GERMAN!


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