Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vietnam & Philippines.

This is coolbert:

Here with some extracts from recent StrategyPage articles. The topic China, the Philippines, the South China Sea and beyond: [all emphasis mine]

1. "Mocking India For The Greater Good"

"China recently repeated its guarantee for foreign ships to use contested waters in the South China Sea but to be aware that China intends to fully exercise these claims. That would involve removing 'foreign occupation' found on some of the disputed islets and reefs, as well as forbidding foreign ships from getting closer than 22 kilometers to the hundreds of bits of land in the South China Sea that China claims. This appears to be in response to a recent agreements between Vietnam and the Philippines "

Remove foreign occupation I assume meaning the USE OF MILITARY FORCE.

That Vietnamese concern in the South China Sea the Paracels.

2. "Vietnam Joins Anti-China Coalition"

"August 28, 2013: Vietnam and the Philippines announced that they are developing joint military and diplomatic plans to thwart increasing Chinese aggressiveness in territorial disputes throughout the South China Sea."

In the Tom Clancy novel "SSN" the Vietnamese aid the abet the Chinese during the undeclared and under-the-sea war that takes place between the U.S. and China. That has come to pass. Those nations bordering the South China Sea and in an adversarial relationship with the Chinese NOW FIND COMMON CAUSE!


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