Sunday, September 1, 2013

Suez Canal.

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune only today:

"News briefing"

"Attack in Suez Canal failed, official says"

"CAIRO - - A terrorist stage an unsuccessful attack on a container ship passing through the Suez Canal on Saturday in an attempt to disrupt the flow of ships through the waterway"

"'The attempt failed completely and there was no damage to the ship or the containers it carried'"

A terrorist group yet unidentified attempting to sink a container vessel in the canal, blocking all traffic for a period of months? This did occur.

This a major concern for military and commercial concerns both.

That Suez Canal for as long as it has been in existence a major sea power choke point, sea power defined as that combination of naval vessels and commercial merchant shipping.

Deny the canal and the consequences most serious. Alternative routing of shipping possible, but more time consuming and costly. A container vessel the obvious target for saboteurs, to raise a ship from the bottom of the canal first those containers must be removed and then efforts to re-float the sunken vessel can begin? Time consuming.

This time the terrorists failed, don't be so sure next time.


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