Monday, September 30, 2013


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From RIANovosti and the tip from Jungle Trader we have this interesting story.

A man I can more than reasonably infer almost with 100 % metaphysical certitude a spetsnaz soldier, a Soviet/Russian Army special purpose cut-throat troop gone amuck in the wilds of Siberia.

Described as a "paratrooper" but presumably much more than that!

Spetsnaz the elite Soviet/Russian combat soldier trained to the highest possible level of physical and mental ability that raw material the conscript about one-in-a-thousand as evaluated in advance able to serve in a spetsnaz unit.

That spetsnaz soldier and his training and missions of the spetsnaz ranger/commando type unit described in detail by the Soviet defector Suvorov.

This man Avdeyev finally captured after a long hunt, and that ONLY after escaping from prison and eluding pursuers in an almost admirable fashion.

One very dangerous man!

"‘Rambo of the Taiga’ Busted in Siberia After 4 Months on the Run"

The taiga that northern boreal forest of Siberia. Remote and isolated in the extreme.

"MOSCOW, September 30 (RIA Novosti) – A former paratrooper jailed for butchering Central Asian migrant workers in a gruesome vendetta was detained Monday after spending four months on the run from a maximum security prison in eastern Siberia, officials said."

From that article among those attributes as ascribed to Avdyev and indicative of the spetsnaz soldier"

* "Avdeyev was said to possess enormous physical strength"

* “He can kill any number of people with his bare hands"

* "Two victims were decapitated with spades"

And as is taught to the spetsnaz troop Avdeyev a survivalist, able to subsist where others cannot, live off the land.

* "Avdeyev said he spent the entire time in the forest, had no contact with other people and subsided on whatever nourishment he could forage in the wilderness"

Suvorov mentions that as part of their training, spetsnaz soldiers are taught escape and evasion, often posing as convicts, even dressed as same, police and attack dogs in hot pursuit!

That "spade" used to decapitate victims a small sharpened shovel, an entrenching tool razor sharp on three sides and for which the spetsnaz soldier is reputed to receive extensive training with. Killing silently and effectively with that shovel an essential part of missions as performed.

Avdeyev is Rambo. NOT virtually in the cinema, but in real life! And most dangerous!


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