Thursday, September 19, 2013


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The Rim Fire what it was called now extinguished or at least the vast percentage "contained" as they call it, this headline in the aftermath most disturbing. Thanks to Freeper.

"Harsh Yosemite fire aftermath: 40 percent of land 'nuked'"

"Within the footprint of California's Rim Fire is an area of 60 square miles where everything is dead, the worst such burn damage in centuries."

That land the vicinity of the Yosemite valley now resembling a war zone as fought over by two armies, each side employing nuclear weaponry!

Such destruction and devastation as not seen in CENTURIES as estimated.

Colonel Craig USMC and I have discussed on several occasions that fighting these forest fires in the western states of the USA very analogous to waging war. Perhaps the closest you can come to actual combat without having an adversary shooting at you. That element of danger still very great.

Fighting a forest fire having a similarity to warfare in that you have troops, those firefighters that:

* Wear a uniform.
* Carry a standard battle kit.
* Work as part of a unit.
* Having a basic degree of training.

Also the fire manager, the combat commander, having at this disposal a battle staff, making plans and decisions for 24, 48, 72, and 96 hours in advance.

Firefighters operating in rough terrain quite often, and needing to be sustained in the field for sometimes weeks on end.

That combat commander the fire manager directing engineers using heavy equipment and also employing his own air force as needed.

Considerations that combat commander must take into account to include the weather and an enemy [fire] the considerations of which are dynamic. The plan to fight the fire is the base from which all change is made.

Fire of itself a dynamic entity, "fighting" by rules not always consistent with the appreciations of the fire manager, FIRE POSSESSING MANY ATTRIBUTES USUALLY ASSIGNED TO LIVING ORGANISMS.

And as I have observed with regard to the recent Yosemite area fires this too:

* The "dog and pony show", also sometimes called the "peep show". The press briefing done on a daily basis for the media. Lots of visuals to include maps, charts, graphs, etc. During the Vietnam War this was called the "Saigon Follies".

* The creation and defense of a "strong point". The firefighters having received orders to defend almost to the death certain items as deemed of utmost national importance. That Yosemite valley, the national park and those California Big Trees [Sequoia], NATIONAL TREASURES "strong points" worth saving at all costs. NOT ONE STEP BACKWARDS!

Rim Fire today, others tomorrow, and always BAD!


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