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Here thanks to the Aviationist we have more instances of American fighter pilots in DACT [Dissimilar Air Combat Training] exercises not faring so well. Foreign pilots in foreign warplanes more than able to hold their own against the TOP OF THE LINE AMERICAN WARPLANE FLOWN PRESUMABLY BY THE TOP OF THE LINE AMERICAN FIGHTER JOCKS.

That F-22 NOT SO TOTALLY OMNIPOTENT IN THE SKIES. DACT exercises seeming to show that the F-22 while not inferior to the Eurofighter Typhoon or the French Rafale, not so terribly superior either, indeed even if at all!

DACT [Dissimilar Air Combat Training] exercises a topic of previous blog entries here, here and here. Red Flag and Top Gun simulated aerial combat but involving the air forces and warplanes of various nations. Doctrine, aircraft, tactics, training, etc. DACT!

From the Aviationist:

1. "Farnborough 2012: 'Yesterday we had Raptor salad for lunch"' Typhoon pilot said after dogfighting with the F-22 at Red Flag Alaska"

"Indeed, Typhoon pilots . . . said that, when flying without their external fuel tanks, in the WVR (Within Visual Range) arena, the Eurofighter not only held its own, but proved to be better than the Raptor."

And prior to Red Flag Alaska there was ATLC 2009.

2. "Rare video shows F-22 Raptor shot down by the French Rafale in mock air-to-air combat"

"in November 2009, some 1st Fighter Wing’s Raptors from Langley AFB, flew to Al Dhafra, in the UAE, to train with the French Air Force Rafales and the RAF Typhoons during exercise ATLC 2009."

"the U.S. Air Force pilots told that their plane was undefeated during the exercise, the French were killed once in six 1 vs 1 WVR (Within Visual Range) engagements versus the F-22 (the other 5 ended with a “draw”) and one Raptor was claimed as killed by a UAE Mirage 2000 during a mock engagement."

My understanding is that DACT exercises are not a random free-for-all melee' in the skies but are rather carefully choreographed.

And that performance of the F-35 will be markedly and appreciably better than the F-22? That is an item I am sure is worrisome to the USAF command. If F-22 cannot, perhaps F-35 can? So it goes.

Where is Gripen NG when we need it?


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