Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This is coolbert:

Clarification is needed within the context of some recent blog entries. We should all be on the same page about this.

1. "Troops in such tropical areas the chances of death from disease just magnitudes greater than becoming a fatality from combat operations."

Traditionally and historically the biggest killers of soldiers has been feet and water AND NOT MORTAL COMBAT ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

Either not having enough water to drink or drinking water that is diseased or sickening in some manner.

Feet in the respect of a troop falling out on the march, unable to keep up the pace with his compatriots, subjected to attack and death by marauders, guerrillas or just plain angry civilians taking advantage of a situation.

2. "This man deserves without question the Victoria Cross [VC]  Highest military award that can be bestowed on an English soldier."

More than likely that English bloke who stood so tall in Nairobi will be awarded the George Cross [GC] and not the Victoria Cross [VC]. The latter only being awarded to those soldiers participating in conventional military combat. The GC awarded for heroism in a less than traditional combat environment. As was the case at Cowra with Hardy and Jones.


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