Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sverge & Dansk.

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More Sweden!

Suddenly, Sweden is everywhere!

"Leadership: Nordic Unity Against Russia"

  Sweden and Denmark together as hand in glove. And in what is obviously as perceived in response to the Russian threat.

"February 13, 2016: Sweden and Denmark have agreed to increased defense cooperation to improve the defense capabilities of both nations (which together control the entrance to the Baltic Sea) and make the most of shrinking Defense budgets. This agreement will involve joint maintenance and basing arrangements as well as new rules that make it easier to ships and aircraft from both nations to easily operate in each other’s territory. Sweden has a larger problem because it, unlike Denmark, does not belong to NATO and is also a lot closer to Russia."

From the Soviet era defector Suvorov [as written in 1987] that appreciation of Sweden and the Swedish military:

"In the past Sweden was lucky; she always remained on the sideline in a conflict. But at the end of the twentieth century the balance of the battlefield is changing. Sweden has become one of the most important strategic points in the world. If war breaks out the path of the Aggressor will lie across Sweden. The occupation of Sweden is made easier by the fact that there are no nuclear weapons on its territory, so that the Soviet leaders risk very little. They know, however, that the Swedish soldier is a very serious opponent - - thoughtful, disciplined, physically strong and tough, well armed, well acquainted with the territory he will have to fight over, and well trained  for action in such terrain."

What was germane in 1987 is as pertinent in 2016 as well? Perhaps even more so in the case of Sweden!

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