Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wheels IV.

This is coolbert:

à la manière des Français 

Here with images of French wheeled armor no longer in the inventory.

An EML-90. Five ton vehicle. Very fast and mobile. That 90 mm gun can defeat a main battle tank under the right circumstances.

An EBR. Those center wheels lowered only for off-road use. Different versions have either a 75 mm or 90 mm gun. A drawback to this vehicle being that maintenance of the engine accomplished only by removing the entire turret first.

Before EBR there was Panhard AM-40P. Two man armored vehicle with 47 mm gun. ONLY a prototype. That caliber gun standard for anti-tank of the period just prior to the Second World War.

Panhard Type 178. As was developed by Panhard prior to WW2. That is a 25 mm cannon. It all started with this vehicle?

A distinct advantage of wheeled armor that cost? You can proliferate the battlefield with such vehicles. If used within constraints they are effective.


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