Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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More French armor!

Some clarification regarding those French Light Armored Divisions [DLM] the legacy of which pre-dates the Second World War.

"1st Light Mechanized Division (France)The 1st Light Mechanized Division (French: 1ère Division Légère Mécanisée, 1ère DLM) was a French Army formation during World War II. It was the first of the armoured divisions of the French Cavalry."

Armor [all tracked and not wheeled] organic to a DLM to include:

French AMR35. Light tank sporting only a heavy [13 mm] machine gun. Analogous to a German Panzer I.

"The name of the unit is most often translated as 'Light Mechanized Division' [DLM], but a better translation, both from a military point of view, would be 'Mechanized Light Division'. In French the adjective mécanique qualifies légère, not the other way around; and thus: 'light' here is a synonym of 'mobile'. While any 'mechanised' division was 'light', not every 'light' division was 'mechanised': motorised infantry divisions without tracked vehicles would also be called 'light divisions'"

French Souma tank with 47 mm gun. Cupola standard.

French Hotchkiss tank with 37 mm gun. Cupola standard.

DLM units their mission reconnaissance, scouting, screening.

That word screen as defined:

"screen 4. A security element whose primary task is to observe, identify, and report information, and which only fights in self-protection. 5. (DOD only) A task to maintain surveillance; provide early warning to the main body; or impede, destroy, and harass enemy reconnaissance within its capability without becoming decisively engaged"

Screen and nothing more needed. It is generally accepted that the French prior to WW2 had more tanks than the Germans and more tanks of better capability! As was with DLM.


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