Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wheels I.

This is coolbert:

à la manière des Français

Here begins a series of blog entries the topic of which is French wheeled armor.

As is the topic of a web site forum:

"Why does the French military prefer wheeled armoured vehicles over tracked?"

* Understand the French not alone in the development and fielding of wheeled armor vehicles. Far from it. The French however are MORE in the habit of using wheeled armor and seem to PREFER for a variety of reasons the use of wheeled armor.

* French wheeled armor to an extent a legacy [?] even of that period prior to the Second World War [WW2]. The French deploying DLM [Light Mechanized Divisions ] the mission of which was reconnaissance, scouting, screening. Current French wheeled armor continues in the same role!

"France used them [light armor] in accordance to the tactics of the day [WW2], laying entirely on the Light Mechanized Divisions (DLM). These had the duty to cover and range over a large battlefield area, well in advance from the main concentrated armoured division. Each vehicle could perform not only reconnaissance, but also flanks covering and 'offensive protection' which includes repelling enemy incursions or advanced elements"

To be continued!


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