Thursday, February 18, 2016


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the Internet freeware Flightradar24 and some astute observers this item!.

Russian Tu-214R an almost ONE OF A KIND reconnaissance aircraft active over the Middle East. Reconnaissance and intelligence gathering warplane the it seems that everyone a subject of interest!

"Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft deployed to Syria"

"J.Hawk’s Comment: The flight route is interesting when one considers the qualities of the aircraft in question. The Tu-214R is equipped with a synthetic-aperture radar (whose flat antennae are visible on the sides of the fuselage) capable of tracking moving ground targets at ranges of several hundred kilometers and providing targeting data to aircraft and ground-based missile systems. It is, in effect, the airborne component of the 'reconnaissance-strike complex' that enables enemy land movements to be detected and interdicted practically in real time. The Tu-214’s flight path would have enabled it to take a very close look at ground movements in ISIS-held territory, including the all-important Raqqa area, and to examine the goings-on in Jordan, where Saudi forces are demonstrating their presence and the British military is holding an exercise. Last but not least, it likely sneaked a peek into Turkish territory to as it was approaching Hmeimim.'"

Flightradar24 freeware allowing the amateur "spotter" to military aviation operations while in progress. Extraordinary!


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