Monday, February 15, 2016

Wheels V.

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Panhard wheels on rails! Some images of French wheeled armor from that era of the Second World War with an  interesting application.

A French Panhard Type 178 as captured by the German and put to good use. Road wheels replaced with railroad wheels and the bed spring radio antenna added. That 25 mm cannon useful in anti-partisan operations.

A Type 178 apparently as captured by the Soviet and also put to good use. You are looking at a rear view of the vehicle.

German wheeled armor vehicle of the same period. Also with the bed spring radio antenna. 

During that era of the Second World War the German very good at using captured enemy equipment. Units quite often comprised of second-rate personnel possessing second-rate gear of all sorts but suitably commanded able under the right circumstances able to give a good account of themselves on the battlefield.


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