Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lee & Char B1.

This is coolbert:

Yet more French armor.

Here with an instance of  parallel armor development? French and American tank design in accord? Logical thinking minds arrive at the same logical conclusions. Make the comparison yourself.

French Char B1 from that period prior to and during the Second World War. Fires a 47 mm gun for anti-tank and also equipped with that 75 mm howitzer for supporting the ground troops. French armor designers favored the cupola atop the turret? Gave the tank commander an all-around view. That howitzer could be used in the anti-tank role but with difficulty!

American Lee M3 tank from the same period as the Char B1. Also that 75 mm howitzer, the turret with cupola. For the anti-tank role carries and insufficient 37 mm gun. Even at the time that caliber as an anti-tank round  known to be insufficient!


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