Thursday, February 18, 2016


This is coolbert:

Sverge active!

Swedes on the move.

The Russian of course not alone in being able to fly intelligence gathering and reconnaissance missions. The Swede can too. And does!

"Swedish Spyplane 'caught' flying off Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast"

"A Swedish Air Force Gulfstream IVSP Electronic Intelligence plane could be tracked as it flew in the airspace off Kaliningrad Oblast, where some of the most active Russian bases in the Baltic region are located."

"The Swedish Air Force operates a pair of S102B Korpen, modified Gulfstream IVSP aircraft used to perform ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) missions. These aircraft are equipped with sensors capable to eavesdrop, collect and analyse enemy electronic emissions."

I am not sure what they mean by such headlines? An intelligence gathering and reconnaissance warplane flying in international airspace hardly is espionage as that term generally, commonly, and normally understood!

Once more, Sweden and Swedish military activity suddenly is all over the place and so quick too!


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