Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coastal IV.

This is coolbert:


Yet one more solution to the problem of coast defense as germane to the defense of Filipino integral territory? Their confrontation with China requiring response perhaps one remedy a blast from the past literally so. Coastal artillery but not land-based?

In this particular instance think again the oceanic-going barge, green-water capable. A barge sporting a pair of M777 howitzers, 155 mm, firing that High Velocity Projectile.

Three such barges comprising a battery of six firing tubes. Each barge either having an organic and autonomous C^3ISTAR capability or able to function within a centrally controlled net-centric apparatus. "Fire support staff", Fire Direction Center".


C^3 = Command, control, communications.

ISTAR = Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance.

Coastal artillery barge-based an idea from the era of the Vietnam War. The American army employing such vessels as part of the riverine flotilla contingents.

"Riverine artillery refers to artillery employment on a river, generally on floating barges."

. . . .

"A complete battery of riverine 105mm artillery consisted of three howitzer barges, and five LCM-8s for support staff such as the Fire Direction Center."

A rather poor image from the Vietnam era shows tube artillery mounted on a riverine barge. Constituting a single platoon [two firing units of tube artillery, 105 mm]. Three such howitzer barges comprise a firing battery. This is what I have in mind but with the 155 mm M777 consider a much more robust arrangement. These barges too when preparing to commence fire would be run aground? Beached? When moored their stability for a fire-mission that much better/ Modern technology can mitigate such difficulties?

See this YouTube video of a M777 howitzer in action. Impressive. Six such tubes can fire a total of thirty-six rounds per minute. Terminal guided projectiles of whatever type allowing for unprecedented accuracy.

My ideas are unworkable or absurd? Devoted readers to the blog your comments invited. Keep in mind the Philippines is a relatively poor nation but needs defensive stratagems, needs, cheap ones, and needs them NOW!!


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