Sunday, November 1, 2015


This is coolbert:

Understand from the prior blog entry that number seventy the significance of which having a particular importance within the Islamic cultural domain.. 

 "a joint American-Kurdish-Iraqi strike force rescued seventy prisoners who were about to be executed and dumped in mass graves"

Consider the historical context:

* "In Islamic history, 70 are the number of the dead among prophet Muhammad's adversary during the Battle of Badr"

* "In Islam, 70 are the number of Prophet Muhammad's followers martyred at the Battle of Uhud"

* "In Shia Islam, 70 are the number of martyr among Imam Hussein's followers during the tragedy of Karbala"

In this particular instance prisoners their lives at stake, rescued from execution, NOT perishing.

Call this numerology and perhaps even paranormal. Caliph Ibrahim has perhaps taken proper note of the rescue mission and the significance of that number seventy hardly being lost on an Islamic scholar of his stature?


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