Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Seat 31A.

This is coolbert:

Crime scene forensic experts have now pinpointed the exact point of the internal bomb detonation that brought down the Russian airliner. About a HALF-POUND of TNT all that was required.

"'Investigators and secret service experts managed to locate the seat under which the terrorists planted the bomb which destroyed Airbus A321,' said the report in the pro-Kremlin media."

"'The bomb which was equal to one kilo of TNT exploded and its forces went forwards and hit the rows up to 27. The wave went slightly backwards too and hit the row 32."

'The experts who tested the parts and bodies noted that the people who occupied the seats near the bomb, almost certainly died at once."

"The seats - and those around 30A and 31A - were occupied by Russian tourists who had been to Sharm El Sheikh."

"There is no suggestion they were suicide bombers, instead they were seen as innocent victims among the 224 who perished in Russia's worst-ever air disaster."

The image accompanying this blog entry that of Maria Ivleva who was sitting in seat 31A.

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