Thursday, November 19, 2015


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Yet more Russian military secrets unintentionally revealed?

"Military chiefs briefing Vladimir Putin on operations in Syria showed him a map with a reference to a unit in the center of the country that matches a Russian army artillery unit, suggesting the Kremlin's involvement may be deeper than previously thought."

. . . .

A map that inadvertently was seen by the general public, including A RUSSIAN MILITARY BLOGGER OF SOME EXPERTISE and KNOWLEDGE!!

"Spotted by an eagle-eyed Russian military blogger, the map featured a dot near to the settlement of Sadad, between the cities of Homs and Damascus, accompanied by the words: '5 Gabatr 120th ABR 2A65 Msta B, six pieces from 14:00 06.11.'"

Russians in winter dress [Siberia] manning a battery of 2A65 guns. Long-range tube artillery with an ATOMIC CAPABILITY!

"'Gabatr' is an acronym commonly used in the Russian military for 'Howitzer Battery.' The acronym 'ABR' stands for 'Artillery Brigade'. The designation '2A65 Msta B' describes a type of howitzer in use by the Russian military.

"The Russian military has a 120th artillery brigade, based in Siberia armed with 2A65 guns. A duty serviceman contacted by Reuters on Wednesday confirmed the brigade was based in Siberia, but said he did not know whether it was active in Syria."

SIX TUBES OF ARTILLERY A BATTERY! This represents simply a small segment of the entire brigade now being given some field experience in the combat environment!

Vlad got the power but so do the military blogger of whatever nationality! And be aware of it too!


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