Monday, November 30, 2015


This is coolbert:

From MARCO POLO through Harry some items of interest:

1. Russian missile firing submarine in action.

". . . on Nov.14, one of Russia's SSBN [Borey class?] fired two SLBMs [Bulava?], while submerged in the White Sea, and that both missiles successfully [??] reached their intended destinations on the Kamchatka Peninsula."

"Now, there is a rumor going around among Russian navy men that the first of those two missiles was dud. It was damaged before it left the tube, and did not fly at all. To fire two missiles in salvo was the objective of the test. It miserably failed." 

2. Chinese test hypersonic re-entry vehicle.             

"China says that the sixth flight test of its 'DF-ZF' Hypersonic Glide Vehicle, previously known as 'Wu-14', has been successful. If you remember, this weapon is designed to defeat U.S. missile defenses . . . It was shot up by a ballistic missile to the edge of atmosphere, where it separated from the missile, and glided to the impact range a few thousand kilometers away in western China."

"The DF-ZF warhead is carried to the boundary between space and earth's atmosphere, roughly one hundred kilometers above the ground by a ballistic missile booster. Once it reaches that height, it begins to glide in a relatively flat trajectory by executing a pull-up maneuver and accelerates to speeds of up to Mach ten. It behaves like the space shuttle in its descent."

The world powers of Russia and China continue with nuclear weapons development unabated. And the United States does what?


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