Tuesday, November 24, 2015


This is coolbert:

From the latest edition or the DEBKAfile newsletter an appreciation of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"Who perpetrated the multiple terror assault on Paris?" 

14 November.

"It was most likely a joint Al Qaeda-Islamic State operation, say DEBKAfile's counter-terrorism sources and called for at least a team of at least 20, months of preparation and planning and an outer circle of 200 confederates,  hardly a 'lone wolf' operation. The geography of the Paris locations targeted by terrorists points to advance planning in support of a primary target, namely, French President Francois Hollande, who was attending a football match at one of the targeted locations. Other terrorist goals were to sow bloody havoc in the French capital, frighten tourists away and shake the French governing system to the core"

"There was no advance warning from any French intelligence agency or even from the all-seeing US ECHELON, which should be cause for alarm in other Western capitals."

"The night of November 14 will be remembered for the failure of France's Director-General for Internal Security (DGSI) and Director-General for External Security (DGSE) or refusal - to pick up the slightest clue to the massive preparations afoot for a horrendous, wide-scale terrorist outrage against their capital city."

"The French agencies work in the almost total absence of human intelligence from the closed Muslim communities of Paris."

That normal rule-of-thumb being that for each perpetrator [shooter, suicide bomber, etc.] of a terrorist act there are ten "confederate" as part of a support mechanism acting sub rosa.  


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