Friday, November 20, 2015

Air Launch.

This is coolbert:

Russian long-range strategic aviation enters the fray in Syria. What had been anticipated has now come to pass. A barrage of air-launched cruise missiles and "dumb" bombs as dropped, Islamic State targets under attack by BEAR, BLACKJACK AND BACKFIRE!

From MARCONI through Harry:

"Timings and details of the missions at following links. 'In accordance to the task assigned by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces concerning enhancing combat air operations in the Syrian Arab Republic, crews of Tu-160 [Blackjack], Tu-95MS [Bear] and Tu-22M3 [Backfire] long-range aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes with air-based cruise missiles at the ISIS terrorist objects within the air operation.  Today, from 5.00 through 5.30 a.m. (MSK), twelve Tu-22M3 long-range bombers carried out strikes at the ISIS terrorist facilities in Raqqah and Deir-ez-Zor provinces.  From 9.00 through 9.40, Tu-160 and Tu-95MS launched 34 air-based cruise missiles on terrorist objects located in Aleppo and Idlib.'  It appears that some of the air launched cruise missiles malfunctioned . . . Tu-160 releasing Kh-101s, Tu-95MS releasing Kh-555 [Kh-55] and Tu-22M dropping OFAB bombs."

AND Flight24 was able to track these warplanes en route to the objective? Consider too that now the kitchen sink has been thrown?


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Steiner said...

Why do the Russians and the French get all the fat targets all of a sudden? This week the Daily Mail published photographs of oil trucks burning after a Russian strike, how is it that there is a single petroleum container in existence in the Caliphate of ISIS after a year of U.S. airborne interdiction? Punches have been pulled, that much seems clear, but why?