Friday, March 30, 2012


This is coolbert:

This means war?

Sanctions that will lead to war are being imposed and have been imposed on Iran. The Iranian now having been told that THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO POSSESS ATOMIC WEAPONRY, THE SCREWS OF ECONOMIC SANCTIONS BEING APPLIED IN AN UNPRECEDENTED MANNER!!

I hope this all does not backfire and rather than averting war RATHER LEADS TO WAR!!

From two weeks ago this unprecedented move. Iranian banks doing international monetary transfer now forbidden from using the SWIFT system. Transfers of money, large sums of it, within the international money transfer realm now out of reach for the Iranian. Again, UNPRECEDENTED!!

"Iran's banks to be blocked from global banking system"

"Swift, the body that handles global banking transactions, says it will cut Iran's banks out of the system on Saturday to enforce sanctions."

AND from only today, the sanctions and the hurt being ratchet up a notch as they say. More pressure and pain being caused. ALMOST AN ULTIMATUM! AND also again unprecedented at least in my memory and knowledge.

"Iran crisis: US to apply fresh oil sanctions"

"US President Barack Obama has approved the introduction of fresh sanctions on buyers of Iranian oil."

China, Indian and South Korea being told in no uncertain terms to STOP PURCHASING IRANIAN OIL. Harsh words and perhaps even harsh measures to be taken against nations, major trading partners with the U.S. Also unprecedented. I KEEP USING THAT WORD UNPRECEDENTED OVER AND OVER FOR EMPHASIS AND WITH REASON!

Within the Shia worldview this sort of punitive steps and measures fits very well? The Iranian sees themselves as being set upon in a manner as would have Hussein fourteen hundred [1400] years ago? Friendless and unappreciated, a righteous nation of believers the martyrs of legend who to a degree even enjoy the status of the persecuted?

Economic sanctions will bite hard and place the Iranian with their back to the wall so to speak, the only way out for them as they see it a conflict of apocalyptic and global proportions even HOPED FOR the use of proxies an option. Be very careful with this or it can and will backfire!!


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