Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Footprint.

This is coolbert:

Historically here with some instances of the big footprint method being unsuccessful.

The pursuit of an single adversary by a large military force with impedimenta self-defeating. The larger the force the greater amount of "noise" made, the "quarry" instantly alerted, able to take measures and steps to evade capture or death. As it is now in central Africa, the "hunt" for Joseph Kony going to go nowhere?

1. Osama bin Laden. Osama of 9/11 infamy according to Cofer Black at one time having a force of 10,000 or so troops arrayed against him, poised and ready to assault the hideout of the man, nothing coming to fruition from such a large and unwieldy assemblage. Osama finally run to ground and killed by a platoon sized unit of U.S. Navy SEAL's.

2. Eric Robert Rudolph. The Atlanta Bomber. American survivalist and military trained special operations soldier, able to exist and having trained himself to go twenty to thirty days without consuming food of any sort. And when eating, subsisting only on a diet of green beans, oatmeal and sardines. The object repeatedly of massed FBI SWAT teams deploying in strength. Eric knowing the terrain [the Great Smokey Mountains] able to evade and elude those in pursuit always aware of and alert to the efforts of the "hunt".

3. Heroes of Telemark. Norwegian saboteurs [about a dozen strong] responsible for the destruction of the Norsk Hydro facility. Greatly frustrating German atomic bomb development during World War Two. That dozen or some Norwegians escaping a dragnet of 10,000 German troops operating in conventional fashion.

4. Geronimo. American Indian warrior and war chief. Led his Apache warrior band number at most about fifteen men on a rampage repeated frustrating all efforts and attempts at capture. General Miles it is suggested ran an incompetent campaign having no less than 5,000 troops [half the standing active duty American army at the time] at his disposal. That final surrender of Geronimo accomplished by a platoon sized unit of about thirty men to include the famed tracker/translator/frontiersman/stock detective Tom Horn. The predominant number of that 5,000 man force preoccupied with guard and sentry duty, garrison force primarily on-call.

5. Haji Sahib.  Haji a man from one hundred years ago leading an anti-British jihad, able to evade capture and his pursuers for a period of twenty years, Haji only finally succumbing to old age! This at a time when the English and their Raj held sway and dominion basically unchallenged!

Perhaps I am overstating the case here? The big footprint effort will succeed, Joseph and his evil minions run to ground, killed or captured, the LRA put of existence, a scourge removed irrevocably and with a great sigh of relief? We hope so but again this Joseph has had MONTHS to prepare for an onslaught and is not a man to be taken lightly. Has broken his "army" into small self-sustaining groups to reform at a later date, and IS FEEDING DISINFORMATION ALL THE WHILE TO HIS PURSUERS? Please do not take Joseph lightly! This is not a done deal.


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