Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Black Ops.

This is coolbert:

Here from intelNews.org another modern occurrence of military pseudo-operations. Israeli personnel wearing the uniform and driving the vehicles of the adversary [Iran]. Intelligence gathering missions it is alleged to monitor the Iranian nuclear program. Operations into denied territory of the most perilous sort!

This is Mossad or AMAN [military intelligence]? This is not clear.

"Israel ‘conducts espionage incursions into Iran from Kurdish Iraq’"

"The Israelis, according to the Times, deploy twelve-member fully armed teams into Iran . . . the Israeli commandos, who are usually in Iranian military uniforms, are transported to target locations in vehicles made to look like those used by the Iranian military"

"the Israeli commando teams use 'sensitive equipment' to monitor levels of radioactivity and record the magnitude of any explosives tests that might be carried out at those locations"

This is the James Bond type of operation for which failure is not an option. Volunteers, single men without dependents ONLY apply!

Normally the punishment  during wartime if captured when wearing the uniform of the enemy is death. In the case of these Israeli probably after a period of terrible and prolonged torture!


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