Friday, March 16, 2012

Australian Peel.

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Thanks to FM 7-93 Appendix J from GlobalSecurity and the tip as from discussion with Deke, we have an immediate battle drill for small unit action, patrols, quite often long range surveillance or combat intelligence gathering missions that involve BREAKING CONTACT WITH THE ENEMY AND DOING SO IN AN EXPEDITIOUS AND RAPID MANNER. Thwarting further pursuit a main goal.

The Australian Peel. Also called the Australian Drill!!

A small-unit drill troops breaking contact with the enemy an integral part of the drill throwing a hand grenade or using munitions to expedite the process!

(8) An alternate method to break contact from the front or rear is the Australian peel.

"The assistant team leader or the last member throws a hand grenade (fragmentary)."

"team members can also use CS, white phosphorus, or smoke to cover withdrawal."

"the team can emplace a Claymore mine."

"a mine with a time-delay fuze to slow the enemy."

Thwarting pursuit using even perhaps by the use of a special hand grenade [called a munition which suggests something more robust?] designed specifically for the purpose.

M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition (PDM). This PDM was a new one on me!

"This munition is employed primarily by Special Operations Forces [SF] to support hit-and-run, ambush, harassing, and urban warfare missions. PDM is also employed by Infantry, Light Combat Engineers, and Rangers where mission warrants the use of this device. The PDM is used as a deterrent by special-operations forces (SOF) and in operations where units may be pursued by an enemy force".

"Several activated PDMs dropped behind withdrawing SF [Special Forces] elements would create an obstacle: The pursuing enemy forces would either take casualties, stop and breach the mined area or divert their route. Any of these options would give the SF unite time to break contact."

When flung the PDM deploys [shoots out?] trailing wires, a number of them, that function as a trip wire. Someone stumbling over the wire, any of those wires sets off the munition with disastrous results for the adversary. A land mine on the surface you do not have to step upon to set off. This PDM is "smart too". Can be set to de-activate after a pre-set time!

CAN BE FLUNG!! This PDM was a new one on me! Attempting to fight a delaying action, even for a small sized unit, a patrol or long range surveillance, especially during hours of darkness, can be very dangerous and difficult to do well? This device simplifies the matter or at any rate gives the patrol a fighting chance to evade and elude the enemy and do so with a good degree of confidence that their action will be successful!


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