Thursday, March 22, 2012


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From the previous blog entry:

"And these Russian Marines if actually being deployed to Syria, that means what exactly? Devoted readers to the blog can venture a guess?"

Let me suggest two plausible answers.

1. The Syrian leadership realizes that the Hama Solution is no longer applicable or desirable? The Russian Marines with their experience from the two Chechen Wars are proven city fighters who are able to teach the elite units of the Syrian military the finer nuanced points of urban warfare concepts?

The total obliteration of your enemy via the Hama Solution as was done to the Muslim Brotherhood thirty years ago now plays out very poorly within the international media? Modern technology allows the video journalist an ability to cover events in real time in a way that makes Assad and his clique a pariah on the "world stage" almost literally so. Assad is in this for the long haul [the uprising has gone on for a year now without conclusion] and is making appreciations that include NO MORE use of heavy artillery and tanks against civilian urban targets? This remains to be seen.

2. Those "Black Death" will be embedded with Syrian military units as advisers? Foreign forces whomever they might be wishing to intervene as was done in Libya will have to contemplate that air strikes or other forms of military involvement include the possibility of KILLING RUSSIANS WITH ALL THAT WILL MEAN!! A situation no one wants to occur precludes foreign intervention in the Syria uprising!

Agreed? Devoted readers to the blog let me know!


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