Saturday, March 31, 2012


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Undoubtedly some pundits will respond to the latest sanctions as applied to the Iranians and suggest that this is a situation analogous to and reminds them of the situation that existed in the days just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.

Iran now finding themselves in a situation so it will be stated, without recourse but to strike out in some manner, no option available, no recourse to a steadily worsening stream of events!

As it was in 1941, the Japanese oil supply from the American supplier having been "cut-off", Japan not having oil available and their society going to "grind" to a halt, Roosevelt and American planners also just prior to American entry into the war having PROVOKED THE JAPANESE IN A MANNER THAT COULD NOT BE REFUSED!!

Compelling the Iranian as is being done now many will feel is again a set of circumstances as was done to Japan in 1941? Japan not having ANY oil was forced to act as it did AND AMERICA ONLY HAS ITSELF TO BLAME FOR EVENTS AS THEY TRANSPIRED!!

NOT so fast Charlie Brown!

From the web site essay: "World War II: Japan and Oil (1939-45)"

The Japanese in 1941 actually having an abundance of stockpiled oil that more than satisfied DOMESTIC NEEDS for about a two year period, ONE YEAR ONLY if further war with the U.S. and Britain commenced!! [recall that Japan had been at full-scale war with China for FOUR YEARS PRIOR TO PEARL HARBOR!!]

"Japan had oil stockpiles that could supply its normal needs for 2 years, but only about 1 year if Japan went to war because of the huge increased requirements to fight a naval war"

My understanding is that Japanese oil stockpiles and reserves and what was needed for DOMESTIC NEEDS was hardly so dire, even was favorable. American "cut-off", the embargo I also understand to consist of stopping the flow of REFINED AVIATION GASOLINE AND NOT CRUDE OIL! Even in those several months prior to Pearl Harbor Japanese tankers carrying CRUDE OIL from American west coast ports to Japan unimpeded and unmolested, NOT STOPPED!!

The Roosevelt administration too using their good offices to restrain the Japanese ONLY finding themselves put into an awkward situation from which there was no option - - the Japanese occupation of French Indo-China prior to the oil embargo [refined aviation gasoline] being put in place a needless provocation which seemed to absolutely signal aggressive intent on the part of the Japanese.


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