Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black Death!

This is coolbert:

Black Death in Syria!! 

Thanks to Joseph and we have this latest.

"Breaking News: Russian troops land in Syria"

"The Russian service of the BBC has confirmed that a contingent of Russian 'antiterrorist special forces' have landed in Syria. The news first appeared on Monday on the websites of several Russian news agencies, including Interfax and RIA Novosti. The latter claimed that the Russian troops, who were said to be Marines, arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus onboard the tanker Iman, which is part of Russia’s Black Sea fleet."

This is Black Death. Russian Marines. Rated very high in fighting capactity. Saw extensive action during the two Chechen wars. Suvorov says that Soviet and now Russian [?] ground commanders rate these Marines as outstanding, a full regiment of such "naval infantry" having the same combat presence as a full division of conventional ground troops. Called Black Death by the German during World War Two [WW2] the marine of that era going into combat wearing an all-black uniform to include CAPE!

"Naval infantry" in Russian terms but that normally meaning sailors given small arms and told to go ashore and fight. This is not what Russian Marines are!!

See this YouTube video purportedly Russian Marines prior to going into combat - - Grozny. NOT sure whether this is from the First or Second Chechen War:

"Морпехи в Грозном / Marines in Grozny with ENG subs"

[those green bullet proof vests are particular to the Russian military?? Someone knows about this?? IN the you tube video some of those marines wear the black stocking cap or the black hood over the head!]

And these Russian Marines if actually being deployed to Syria, that means what exactly? Devoted readers to the blog can venture a guess?


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