Friday, March 16, 2012

Megiddo II.

This is coolbert:

Nerve damage!

English heavy bomber aircraft [one airplane] dropping the entire payload as carried on a single target [the  'Al-Afuleh telephone exchange] destroying same and creating great havoc among the ranks of the Turkish command at Megiddo.

That telephone exchange ['Al-Afuleh] extremely vital to the communication of the Turkish army group destroyed, negating the ability of von Sanders and his subordinates to either understand the situation or issue orders in a timely manner that MADE SENSE!!

"At 1:00am on 19 September, the RAF Palestine Brigade's single Handley Page O/400 heavy bomber dropped its full load of sixteen 112-pound (51 kg) bombs on the main telephone exchange and railway station in Al-Afuleh. This cut communications between Liman's headquarters at Nazareth and Ottoman Seventh and Eighth Armies for the following vital two days, dislocating the Ottoman command."

One plane, one target, one payload of bombs, damage done, Turks out of communication with one another, chaos ensuing!!

[radio equipment at the time was bulky and generally unreliable for rapid commo of the type as needed by the defender during a blitzkrieg offensive. Field telephones were relied upon at the time for voice, telegraph and even teletype communications by the high command of the various warring parties during the Great War!]

Additional damage of a similar nature done to similar targets of a similar nature during the Megiddo offensive! DESTROY THE NERVE CONNECTIONS AND THE BRAIN CANNOT SEND SIGNALS TO THE BODY!!

"DH.9s of No. 144 Squadron also bombed El Afule telephone exchange and railway station, Messudieh railway junction and the Ottoman Seventh Army headquarters and telephone exchange at Nablus."

Liman von Sanders indeed was operating in the "fog of war", uncertain of what exactly was occurring and unable to respond and even unable to respond if indeed he could have done so in a cogent manner!!


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